Long Term Care Facility

As defined for the purposes of this Policy coverage, a Long Term Care Facility:

• is an institution, or a distinctly separate part of a hospital, that is licensed or certified as a nursing home (if licensing or certification is required or operates under the law as a nursing home to provide skilled, intermediate, or custodial care and operates under state licensing laws and any other applicable laws; or
• is an institution that meets all of the following tests:
     • is operated as a health care facility under applicable state licensing laws and any other laws;
     • primarily provides nursing care under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse;
     • regularly provides room and board and continuous 24-hour a day nursing care of sick and injured persons;
     • maintains a daily medical record of each patient who must be under the care of a physician;
     • is authorized to administer medication to patients on the order of a physician; and
     • is not, other than incidentally, a home for the mentally retarded, the mentally ill, the blind or the deaf, alcoholics or drug abusers, or a hotel, domiciliary care home or residence; or
• a similar institution approved by the insurer.