What does providing care to a family member entail?

A survey of the caregiving members of the National Family Caregivers Association, performed in 1997, revealed the following1:

  • 61% of survey respondents spent 40 or more hours per week in caregiving activities.
  • 87% had been giving care for 3 years or more, and 28% had been giving care for 11 years or more.
  • 25% of caregivers expect to continue in this role for less than 5 more years; 31% expect to continue for five to ten more years; and 44% expect to give care for 11 or more additional years.

According to a study published in June 1997 by the National Alliance for Caregiving, 51.8% of caregivers were employed full-time and 12.3% were employed part-time. Only 35.6% were either retired or not employed.2 Clearly, the demands of caring for a family member will take their toll, no matter how willing you are to provide such care!

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