What are the exclusions?

Benefits are not paid for Losses caused directly or indirectly, wholly or partly by:

  1. Physical or mental disease, pregnancy, hernia, or ptomaine;
  2. Medical or surgical treatment, except surgical treatment required by the accident and performed within 90 days of the accident;
  3. Infections, except those occurring through a wound at the time of the accident;
  4. Suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury, whether sane or not;
  5. War or act of war, declared or not, civil or international;
  6. Injury while riding in any aircraft not licensed to carry passengers or not operated by a duly licensed pilot;
  7. Injury while acting as a pilot, student pilot, crew member, flight instructor, or examiner on any aircraft;
  8. Committing, or attempting to commit, an assault, felony or any criminal offense, or active participation in a riot;
  9. Voluntary use of any controlled substance as defined by statute, unless used as directed by a physician;
  10. Operation by the insured of a automobile or boat if at the time of injury, the insured’s blood alcohol concentration exceeded the legal limit; or
  11. Overdose of any medication if not taken as prescribed by a physician.