Short-Term Disability

The first question is whether to fully insure or self-insure.  If you choose to be self-insured, you need to decide whether to engage an insurance carrier to professionally adjudicate your claims, including obtain appropriate and sufficient medical evidence to support each claim and its duration.  Administratively reviewing claims is commonly referred to as an Advice to Pay service.  Fully insured and advice to pay plans routinely smooth the transition from STD to LTD benefits.

Few of our clients have the resources or medical expertise to professionally self-administer their STD benefit programs. The second question, if either insured or advice to pay options is elected, is the question of service at time of claim. The key to achieving both claimant and employer satisfaction is communication. We seek a partnership between our client, and its selected carrier. One of the most common delays in approval of a claim is the failure to submit the supporting evidence on a timely basis.  If an insured fails to submit supporting medical evidence on a timely basis, employer support of those requirements can significantly expedite claim resolution. At a Partner’s initial claim, either at time of implementation or if problems arise, TBG West sponsors weekly conference calls with our client and the carrier to develop mutual expectations and open lines of communication. Our clients are generally very satisfied with our help at time of claim.