How will providing care to a family member affect my family?

Some of the most significant costs of providing home-based care cannot be measured in dollars; for example, consider the following statistics from the National Alliance for Caregiving1:

  • 25% of all caregivers say that they experience caregiving as emotionally stressful, while 15% report suffering physical or mental health problems as a result of caregiving.
  • 43% of caregivers report that caregiving has left them with less time for other family members than before.
  • 43% report having to give up vacations, hobbies, and other personal activities.
  • 49% of family caregivers who also worked reported having to change their work schedule to provide care (e.g., go in late, leave early, take time off during the work day), and 6% gave up work entirely.

Furthermore, it is estimated that the cost to business of caregiving in terms of lost productivity is between $11.4 and $29 billion per year.2

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