Group Disability

Some think of disability insurance as a commodity.  That is, as a uniform product across the industry among carriers.  This product is absolutely NOT a commodity. Contracts of disability insurance and their provisions vary widely and every word of the contract has affects whether and how benefits will be payable at the time of disability. Attention to the details of the contract of coverage is one way in which TBG West sets itself apart from other brokers.

Specific to highly compensated insureds, it is critically important that the contract respond favorably to the manner in which an insured member will be treated early during the onset of impairment, so that the insured will qualify for benefits without delay once the required number of days of the elimination period have been met. It is also important that the insured’s most likely causes of disability be fully covered. TBG West optimizes coverage for highly compensated individuals and in fact has negotiated custom contracts to our specifications readily available to all of our clients with two major insurers.

For other than the most highly compensated members we believe in a tiered approach to benefits matching appropriate coverage to respective positions and the competitive market.

Last, under no circumstances do we permit carrier produced benefit loopholes sometimes referred to by carriers as “cost containment” provisions, without the full advance knowledge of our clients. With such advance knowledge, none of our clients have ever chosen to adopt such provisions, which often offer no reduction in premium cost.